OHS Compliance Solutions

OHS Compliance Solutions

OHS Compliance Solutions offers high-quality WHS Manuals, Environmental Manuals, Quality Manuals, Safe Work Method Statements, and affordable occupational health and safety solutions for Australian companies. We are proud to have been chosen as finalists in the 2019 Lockyer Valley Regional Council Business Awards.

It’s our top priority to have a quality product and complete customer satisfaction. We will do whatever we can to fulfill your needs.

Complying with WHS requirements can prevent prosecution and fines, and allow you to keep your staff safe.

A Safety Manual is a compilation of effective policies and procedures used to monitor and justify enforcement. A good system of safety management can keep you and your workers safe and protected, boost customer understanding, and can help you win tenders. It should fulfill the organization’s needs and provide knowledge that you can use and comprehend.

When you need anything specialised, our professional staff will work with you to create a customised solution.

Why do you want OHS Compliance Solutions?
We deliver a wide variety of quality products and services at reasonable rates.

  • Fantastic post-sales help
  • Qualified and professional workers
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed-if you’re not happy, we can patch it.

We’re efficient at sorting your relevant Safety documents with a fast turnaround.

Approved by qualified and skilled WHS personnel, your records are professional.

To meet all large or small budgets, we offer pricing and service levels. Our qualified experts put together a range of guides and kits to match all budgets.

We offer price and service levels to fit all large or small budgets. A collection of manuals and packages shall be compiled by our qualified experts to fit all budgets. If you need a manual for a single operator, a small business with a few staff, or a more comprehensive set-up, we can support you.

We also provide consultancy services as needed, and are always happy to have a chat with you!


A. Clear, simple Safety Manuals to be used.
B. Simply edit manuals with a Word implementation guide to manage “what’s next.”
C. Set up email and phone support.

The Occupational Health and Safety Laws must be followed by Australian firms. Under Australian WHS/OHS law, businesses are legally obliged to:

  1. Provide safe work facilities
  2. Risks are assessed and necessary measures to track and manage them are put in place.
  3. Ensure the proper use and storage of materials and substances
  4. Providing and maintaining safe equipment and materials
  5. Evaluating the office layout and providing safe job schemes
  6. Provide an appropriate working environment and equipment
  7. Have insurance for the staff and protection for workers’ compensation.

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